Did you know the IRS can:

  • Seize Assets
  • Garnish Wages
  • Freeze Bank Accounts
  • Contact Third Persons

All without notifying you that they are going to do it!

Do not let the IRS intimidate you.

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A different kind of tax representation company.

We provide ethical, effective, confidential and affordable tax relief services. We are committed to serving you in the best possible way, by customizing our services to fit your specific tax problem.

We will gather all information and documents then study your specific situation in order to be fully prepared to represent you in all dealings with the IRS or any tax regulatory agencies.

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Our Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents have a comprehensive understanding of the internal workings of governmental tax agencies. We confidentially navigate tax agency procedures and avail our clients of all administrative and judicial remedies. In most cases, we can stop garnishments, release levies and liens against you within a few days or weeks of completing all the documentation. If you have unfiled tax returns and you are being garnished, levied or being threatened with a lien against your properties, it is wise for us to review your tax returns before filing them.

Your IRS tax problems will never go away on their own, let Taxxmart walk you through all the complex IRS procedures and guidelines to achieve the best possible outcome.